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System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException: 'Type 'DDS.Retcode_PreconditionNotMet'

I'm creating integration tests for my DDS application. To acquire readers, writers I'm using configuration through QoS XMLs. When running two specific test cases from the total of 32 cases, the second case always fails. When debugging the code, there seems to be a problem in my configuration, but I can't seem to figure it out. There is an ErrorCode from DDS, but that generates a SerializationException:


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Error in Serialization and Deserialization


I'm using RTI version 5.2.0 (Modern C++ API) and I sometimes get the following error in my output terminal. What is this error and what should I do? For your information, my program is a small version of recording service and I do serialization and deserialization of dynamic data and synamic type in my program. I have also brought my codes for serialization and deserialization of dynamic type below. For dynamic data serialization and deserialization, I use "to_cdr_buffer" and "from_cdr_buffer" functions respectively. 

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