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Deserializing DDS data without DDS methods


I have implemented a software that deserializes data buffers, given the buffer and a dictionary (XML file with a propietary schema) to interpret the buffer.

Example of imaginary schema:

<message name="UserRequestsMessage">
    <member name="user_id" bits="32" word="0" startbit="31" type="int32"/>
    <array name="user_requests" length="16">
        <struct name="user_request" type="UserRequest">

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Error in Serialization and Deserialization


I'm using RTI version 5.2.0 (Modern C++ API) and I sometimes get the following error in my output terminal. What is this error and what should I do? For your information, my program is a small version of recording service and I do serialization and deserialization of dynamic data and synamic type in my program. I have also brought my codes for serialization and deserialization of dynamic type below. For dynamic data serialization and deserialization, I use "to_cdr_buffer" and "from_cdr_buffer" functions respectively. 

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