Request reply with .net5

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Request reply with .net5

Dear Community,

I'm trying to use the request reply pattern in net5 under Linux (Debian 11 x64).

I see in the User Manual (Part4 Chapter 27) how they supposed to work, and I found cpp examples.

I also found a forum topic explaining the usage for dotnet framwork 4.5 (a dll reference is required from %programfiles%\...), but I can't seem to find neither the Requester nor the Replyer types for .net5.

Can you please help me how to use the request-reply pattern with .net5 (netcore) from under Linux (and possibly from under Windows too).

Thank you!


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One of the limitations with the new C# API is that Request/Reply is not supported. This is documented in the limitations section of the release notes.

Support for request reply will be added for the next release of the API.