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Compiling RTI Perftest with DDS Micro


I'm facing the following cmake error while compiling RTI Perftest v3.2.0 with DDS Micro v3.0.3 on Windows. The cmake version is 3.20.5.

Command: build.bat --platform x64Win64VS2017 --micro


[INFO]: Compilation flag for msbuild is: release

[INFO]: Generating types and makefiles for C++
INFO com.rti.ndds.nddsgen.Main Running rtiddsgen version, please wait ...
INFO com.rti.ndds.nddsgen.Main Done
1 file(s) copied.
1 file(s) copied.
1 file(s) copied.

[INFO]: Compiling C++

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ROS2 Action over Routing service


i want to route certian topics from a docker network to an outside server, which shall perform a task. For that Ros2 has designed an action, wich i want to use,

For testing (avoiding building an docker image for each new try) i build up a test network with 3 different virtual machines:

VM A: Host Only Network (
VM B: Host Only Network (
VM Router: Two Host Only Networks ( AND which is the connection of the two networks.

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Location of dds_c_buildid.h header file

Hello - I am porting version 2.4.10 of Micro DDS to Nucleus and have encountered a build error in which the header file dds_c_buildid.h cannot be found. This header file is included in several source files within the library source code, but I cannot find it anywhere in the distribution.  Can someone please advise as to the location of this file?

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