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Using a cluster with multiple arrays simple numerics as a topic

I am attempting to define a cluster as a DDS topic that contains multiple numerics and multiple arrays interspersed throughout the cluster.  However, if I attempt to add a numeric after the array definitions (see attached photo), that the topic is no longer being generated (i.e. I can't examine the topic in Admin Console).  Is it a requirement that all arrays must be grouped at the end of a cluster definition in order to be used as a topic?  Thank you and forgive me in advance as I am relatively new to RTI DDS and very new to LabView.

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Send String Arrays using Dynamic Data and Request-Reply pattern


I am a bit new to DDS. I am curently working with the request/reply pattern. I successfully managed to send requests and replies containing primitive types of data such as char, long, int, etc. What I am not trying to do is sending some string array with the request reply pattern and using Dynamic Data as the string array I'm trying to send must be custom made. Until now I managed to do something like this:


//Register the type support for creating string arrays

DDS_TypeCode* type = factory->create_struct_tc("MyType", structMembers, out_exc);

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QUIZ - Are you using arrays in your VI? Do you need sequences?

Hi LabVIEW developers,

We are working on the next version of the RTI DDS Toolkit and we would like your feedback!!

Currently, LabVIEW arrays are mapped as DDS arrays. We are considering replacing DDS arrays by DDS sequences. Sequences can be initialized to a length of 0 and then be resized as needed. Pretty much as LabVIEW arrays! The behavior will be something like this:

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Setting an array of strings

Given next field in a topic.

<member name="exerciseNickname"          type="string" arrayDimensions="4" stringMaxLength="20"/>

With the usual dynamicdata you have set some array types to set as double, byte, float, etc but there's no set_string_array.

Notice in my case i don't use idl file i use a file .qos to describe every topic instead.

How can i set the array of string?

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