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Sequence problem

Problem in assigning a value in sequence

 In idl file containing

Struct B


Long id;

sequence <long , 5 > values;

sequence <long , 5 > value2;


Struct A


Long key;

B  Emp;



Instance->key =1;

Instance-> =2;

Both this is correct but when assigning in sequence 

Instance->Emp.value =1; this is causing problem 

It is saying = invalid conversion from int to DDS_LongSeq

Help me 

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IDL converts sequence<> to struct?



I have a question of using sequence. I added in seqence in IDL, for example below:

struct myTestSequence_T {

double myFirstVar; //@key

seqence<long,10> mySeqLong;


After convertion to C using rtiddsgen, the sequence was translated to struct. See below. 

typedef struct myTestSequence_T{

CDR_double myFirstVar;

struct CDR_LongSeq seqLong;

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Most efficient way to copy a DDS String sequence to std::vector<std::string> and back

I am wondering what is the most efficient (but safe) way to copy a DDS String sequence (using the 'old' DDS C++ API) to a std::vector<std::string> and back? In how far can C++11 move semantics be used safely?

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Error when creating Java Objects from JSON


   We used RTI Connext 5.1.0 -> Utilities -> code generator to create Java classes from IDL. We are able to create JSON from Java objects using GSON, but we were not able to create Java objects from JSON (deserialization) using GSON and Jackson. We are getting error with sequence parameters, below is log trace.

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