IDL JSON deserialization

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Error when creating Java Objects from JSON


   We used RTI Connext 5.1.0 -> Utilities -> code generator to create Java classes from IDL. We are able to create JSON from Java objects using GSON, but we were not able to create Java objects from JSON (deserialization) using GSON and Jackson. We are getting error with sequence parameters, below is log trace.

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Serialize/deserialize IDL data structures with JSON


I would like to serialize and deserialize data exchanged through DDS with JSON. I found in a document from Gerardo Pardo that let me hope it is easily feasible (

After generating the Java class from the IDL description, I succeeds in serializing it into JSON format. The deserialization seems more difficult, perhaps due to the use of sequences and embedded substructures.

Do you have examples of Java code to do such a deserialization?

Thanks in advance.

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