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Modern C++ Request-Reply pattern

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if the Request-Reply pattern will be available for Modern C++ (C++11).

In this forum I read that it should have been available with the 2017 RTI major realease (I guess it is the 5.3.0) but it isn't.

Always in this forum I found a way to implement a Request-Reply pattern in C++11 using the additional library "rticonnextmsgcpp2z.lib" but I know that this library is not supported yet, but just a prototype (is it true?).

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Request Replier issue


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Data sporadically not arriving (Request Reply)

I tried the Request-Reply-Example which is in the C++ example folder of RTI 5.1.0.

If I use the Requester in a command window (Ubuntu 12.04) and the Replier in another command windows on the same machine,

the Requester sporadically (can be the second time or the 20. time I send a request) doesn't get the data from the Replier. But the Replier gets the request and says that he replied (in the command window).


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Send String Arrays using Dynamic Data and Request-Reply pattern


I am a bit new to DDS. I am curently working with the request/reply pattern. I successfully managed to send requests and replies containing primitive types of data such as char, long, int, etc. What I am not trying to do is sending some string array with the request reply pattern and using Dynamic Data as the string array I'm trying to send must be custom made. Until now I managed to do something like this:


//Register the type support for creating string arrays

DDS_TypeCode* type = factory->create_struct_tc("MyType", structMembers, out_exc);

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Request-Reply API

My request application crashes after my reply application restarts.

Visual Studio 2008 give me this error

Unhandled exception at 0x755b812f in MyRRTest.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: connext::AlreadyDeletedException at memory location 0x0012e668..

In my request application console

EntityUntypedImpl::send_sample:!DataWriter write timeout

Requester(setMyRequest, setMyReply)::send_request:!failed (see previous errors)

wondering what may cause this issue?


Communication Patterns Using Data-Centric Publish/Subscribe

Fundamental to any distributed system are communication patterns: point-to-point, request-reply, transactional queues, and publish-subscribe. Large distributed systems often employ two or more communication patterns. Using a single middleware that supports multiple communication patterns is a very cost-effective way of developing and maintaining large distributed systems. This talk will begin with an introduction of Data Distribution Service (DDS) – an OMG standard – that supports data-centric publish-subscribe communication for real-time distributed systems.

Conference or Venue:
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