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Modern C++ pub, traditional C++ sub, on_samples_lost method problem



I have come across an odd problem that perhaps someone could shed some light on.

I have a subscriber program written with the traditional API, I implement the on_sample_lost method to simply print to terminal status.total_count and I use a listener to retrieve samples. I have my publisher written in both the traditional API and the Modern API. When I send for example 10000 messages with the traditional API on_sample_lost never fires.

Modern C++ Request-Reply pattern

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if the Request-Reply pattern will be available for Modern C++ (C++11).

In this forum I read that it should have been available with the 2017 RTI major realease (I guess it is the 5.3.0) but it isn't.

Always in this forum I found a way to implement a Request-Reply pattern in C++11 using the additional library "rticonnextmsgcpp2z.lib" but I know that this library is not supported yet, but just a prototype (is it true?).

Using of RTI Persistence Service API in Modern C++


I want to use RTI Persistence Service API in Modern C++. I'm using RTI v 5.2.0 in linux 64 bit. I have followed the examples in RTI documentation but I have some link errors like below:

error: undefined reference to `RTI_PersistenceServiceProperty_INITIALIZER'

What should I do? I cannot find related library for rti persistence service in its folder. Is there any example for using this API in Modern C++?

Thanks in advance for your helps.


Converting XML to Code


Hi everybody,

I want to know the equivalent code of below xml in Modern C++ RTI V 5.2.0. 


Modern C++: Migration path / interacting with traditional C++ API

Is there a migration path or compatibility layer to assist in using the modern C++ API in existing code bases?

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