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Error compiling string constexpr

rtiddsgen 3.1.2 targeting C++11 generates a const string as follows:

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Build error on IDL generated C++11 code - no user code

Hi there,

I’ve been fighting this build error for some time, which is emitted from inside the RTI DDS code when compiling only generated code.

I need to use the C++11 language option as I need to use the Modern C++ API.

The IDL “basictypes” consists of a hierarchy of simple nested structures with primitive types, no enums or anything special.

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Build issue with NDDS_STANDALONE_TYPE for C++11

Using RTI Connext 6.0.0 with rtiddsgen 3.0.0, I've encountered a problem when trying to compile generated code for a standalone type (with NDDS_STANDALONE_TYPE). My environment is Linux 3.10 x86_64, with g++ 4.8.5. I have a single, very simple message defined in MsgTypeA.idl:

struct MsgTypeA
  int32 fieldA;

I generate code using rtiddsgen and put the result in the subdirectory msgs/:

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Usung C++11 API with no exceptions

We've used the RTI traditional C++ API before with linked libraries. Now we would like to use the "modern" C++11 API.

However, our applications are compiled with exceptions disabled (-fno-exceptions). This cases the compilation to fail:


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Modern C++ Equivalent of DDSDomainParticipantFactory


I'm trying to create a new DDSDomainParticipant using an input XML QoS profile.

In C++ we have the function 

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Modern C++ Request-Reply pattern

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if the Request-Reply pattern will be available for Modern C++ (C++11).

In this forum I read that it should have been available with the 2017 RTI major realease (I guess it is the 5.3.0) but it isn't.

Always in this forum I found a way to implement a Request-Reply pattern in C++11 using the additional library "rticonnextmsgcpp2z.lib" but I know that this library is not supported yet, but just a prototype (is it true?).

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C++11 API and IDL generation


Does RTI Connext support the DDS-PSM-Cxx (www.omg.org/spec/DDS-PSM-Cxx/, isocpp) API and generating the OMG IDL to C++11 mapping? (www.omg.org/spec/CPP11)

I checked the rtiddsgen tool but it seems that there's no option to generate C++11 files from IDL.
Is PrismTech's OpenSplice the only DDS implementation which fully supports this feature?

Is it planned from RTI to support that too?

Standardizing the Data Distribution Service (DDS) API for Modern C++

Technical presentation give at BoostCon describing the new standard C++ PSM for the OMG DDS specification.

The new C++ language API to DDS takes advantage of the C++ standard features to create a simpler, safer, more compact API. This presentation describes the main features of the API as well as some of the technical design decisions and challenges.


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