QoS profiles

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Modern C++ Equivalent of DDSDomainParticipantFactory


I'm trying to create a new DDSDomainParticipant using an input XML QoS profile.

In C++ we have the function 

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Late-Subscribers not receiving DDS Messages LabVIEW


My project involves using RTI DDS (v2.2.0) in multiple different LabVIEW applications, some of which are running on the same PC and some of which are running on other PCs or RTs.  My goal is to have each application keep a record of all applications that are currently communicating on the same DDS Domain.

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Multicast TTL setting not being passed or set


We need DDS to be picked up over multiple subnets. I know that the default Multicast TTL setting is 1, which won't alllow this. I found the article here:


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How to Give location of USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml


   I have some binaries which are using RTI but they are located in differrent location but in the same machine. For communication we need USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml where we override some default QOS. But the expectation is this file should be present in the same directory from where we are launching the bienaries. As in our case its distrubuted in diferrent folders we need to create a separate copy everywhere. Is there any way to tell RTI to refer USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml from a dedicated location. 

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QoS profiles and recording service configuration

Hi all,

The recording service configuration file may contain the description of QoSs for its data readers. Is there a way to refer to the QoS profiles defined in a USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml file instead of recopying the entire description of the QoSs? In other words: how to describe in the configuration file the QoS profile that is expected to be used for each datareader?

Thanks in advance.

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