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Converting to a DynamicData object

Is there a way to easily convert a user-defined topic sample as a DynamicData object?

It appears that the Routing Service Transform API only deals with DynamicData for input and output. The particular plugin I am trying to write should take in a serialized object, turn it into a user-defined object, and then send that out over DDS.

This seems to be the 'correct' way to do it, according to the few examples I've found (using the ShapeType.idl as the 'user type'):

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DynamicData API usage for receiving arbitrary data on a topic


I am trying to solve the following problem in C++ and would need some input on how to do this:
I want to create a data reader which listens on a specific topic name for arbitrary data coming in on this topic during runtime. Then I want to access a specific field of the received message (if it exists). I believe that this should be possible via the DynamicData API, but I just cannot figure out how to use it. A stripped down example would be like this (please consider it pseudo-code, it´s just there to illustrate the points I don´t get):

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