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Concurrent threads limitation collecting dynamic data


I have written code that periodically takes specific number of samples (complex data) each time. I am traversing the received samples to collect dynamic data (read only) building a json object that will be sent to a db.
I am facing a series issue with network blocking/delay.

My assumption is that several concurrent threads (take thread and other conversion threads) are accessing the rti infrastructure resulting some sort of network blocking.

Further info:
I've got several threads:

1) Thread responsible for the take operation.

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Setting a DDS_DataWriter sending queue size to 1



I'm currently trying to play with the sending queue size of a DDS_DataWriter and the receiving queue size of a DDS_DataReader. What I'm trying to do is set each of the queue sizes to "1".


Unfortunately, I stumbled upon the issue that I have to set the resource_limits.max_samples > initial_samplex. So If I set max_samples  1 and the initial_samples = 0, that will fail to create the DDS_DataWriter/DDS_DataReader. 


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