Rti dds conversion from C++ to matlab

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Rti dds conversion from C++ to matlab

Hello Everyone,

Class class1;

what does the last line mean and how can I change this c++ line to Matlab?
Thanks in advance.

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Sorry to just have seen this post.  Where the the code that you posted come from?  What does it mean to convert C++ to Matlab?

If the code that you posted is supposed to be C++, then

class1.array2() is some method in class1 that takes an argument.

In the code, that argument is "rti::core::vector<class2>(array)", which looks like it's a constructor of a vector class whose elements are of type "class2" using the argument "array" in the construction.  And then "array" is a "std::vector<class2>", which is a vector of class 2 objects.

Have no idea why someone would write this code in C++, neverless want to translate this into Matlab...