Connext DDS Professional 6.1.0

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Separate definitions of domainParticipants/qosProfiles into 2 XML files

Hi, I'm in the process of porting some existing code from 6.0.1 C++ API to 6.1 C# API.
I've looked through the example project that rtiddsgen 3.1 generates for dotnet5 to get a hang of things, but I'm currently stuck at trying to load 2 separate XML files. One defines the domain participants, while the other defines QOS profiles.

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Sending Binary Data

I'm helping a group switch to using Connext DDS for sending messages, but they aren't ready to switch over completely and use IDL types. Is there a best way to send binary data on a topic?


Unless I'm missing something, the only options seems to be Dynamic Data or creating an IDL type for them with an unbounded string. Is one of these better than the other? Are there any other options?

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