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Dynamic Data: Binary Blob field

As part of an effort to convert a legacy system to DDS I'm working on a Routing Service Adapter that commmunicates over a socket with the legacy system. For messages that only go one place we just pull them off the wire and pull out some key fields to filter on but the message is basicly a variable length binary blob.

The .idl looks like this. 

struct LegacyEvents
int32 message_type;
sequence<char,LEGACY_BODY_MAX_LENGTH> body;

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TypeCode of sequences in dynamic data api

I was wondering if there's a way to get a typecode from a sequence dynamic data object that's empty.

For example, I create a new DynamicData object with DynamicData(TypeCode, DynamicDataProperty_t) but all sequences are created with size 0, and I'd like to add sequence members. The problem is, that I need to know the typecode of the inner members of the sequence, in order to create them.

Is there a way to get that typecode without actually having any members?


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