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Sending byte array using DDS_Dynamic Data


I'm using the DDS_DynamicData feature to send data of multiple types using RTI DDS. I managed to define my dynamic data type support for simple types (primitives). However, I have more complex data types which I want to send using the DynamicData feature, like arrays, strings, structs, etc. 

I want to make the application as generic as possible, so I don't really want to create a type support for each data type, as I want to send the complex types as "byte array" or something similar. 

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Using DynamicData API with TopicType definition utilizing typedef IDL

I make extensive use of the DynamicData API for registering, reading and writing TopicData.  I have relied on examples provided in this Forum and the Knowledge Base to handle sequences, nested structs, enums, etc.  However, I have recently run into a problem with a topic whose definition includes typedefs.  My code fails when encountering a member in DDS_DynamicData that was defined in the IDL file with a typedef.  It appears that the _type._data fields are not valid for a typedef, but rather the information in _type._data._typeCode should be used.

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