Loading a custom transport programatically


I am trying to load a custom transport that I wrote programatically.  I have successfully loaded the custom transport by altering the USER_QOS_PROFILE.xml and creating my DomainParticipant by passing the profile and library name in the constructor.  I would now like to change the default qos for all participants to use the custom transport. At the call: 


Inheritance Runtime type info for downcasting

We have an IDL that uses inheritance.


Struct derivedclass1 : baseclass




Struct derivedclass2 : baseclass




rtiddsgen not working on upgrade to 5.2.3 from 5.1.0

Hi.  I am migrating to RHEL7 from 6.5  So I am also upgrading from Connext 5.1.0 to Connext 5.2.3.

In doing that rtiddsgen no longer works.  (edit this seems to also not work with rtiddsgen2 from Connext 5.1.0.  I need to look up the differences between gen and gen2)


Subscribing to topics with a wildcard

Hi.  I have a distributed network all running different instances of a piece of software.  Our current structure has a single IDL Type defined, however we break up different uses of that type via different topics.  Our topics are defined in a package style format with a number system  So for one type we could have several topics that look like so





Creating a Domain Participant fails in worker thread.

Hi.  I am using  

RTI Connext C++ API  Version 5.1.0  with x64Linux2.6gcc4.1.1

I have an App that dynamically creates Domain Participants, Topics, Publishers and subscribers as needed and stores the pointers to these objects in Maps.

If I create my domain participants up front in the the Main Management Object constructor at startup, everything works fine.


take vs take_next_sample

I was wondering if anybody else has seen an error I am having and if so they have any idea how to solve it.

In our system we use take when reading.  It works 100% of the time giving the data writen with no issues.


When intergrating with another department their reader is using take_next_sample.  When I write their reader triggers but gets garbage data.

So I went ahead and made my own reader matched to the writer when I use take it comes across perfectly.  When I use take_next_sample it gives mostly zeros and a sprinkling of numbers.


How deep does DDS_TypeCode::equal() go in checking for type code equality?

I understand version 4.5f does not provide "deep" or "strong" type check during topic discovery, but local subscriber can access the type code of remote publisher from the builtin listener and compare with its own local type code on the same topic.  After receiving the remote type code, can the subscriber just call the DDS_TypeCode::equal() function to check the remote type code agains the local one and achieve "deep" type check? In other words, does the equal() function's comparison recursively reaches down to data members of nested structures?

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