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How to resolve circular type dependency?

I'm working on a project with complex messages that have something akin to the following pattern in them:

struct TypeA {

TypeB _child; // @resolve-name false


struct TypeB {

sequence<TypeA> _sequence; // @resolve-name false



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Setting up a C# build with C# generated files


I have used rtiddsgen -language C# to generate the interface files and I'm not quite sure how to get them assembled into .NET solution. 

I've got a C# Visualization project that contains:

- VisualizationService_publisher.cs

- VisualizationService_subscriber.cs

and a C++ DDS_Access.dll that includes:

- VisualizationService.h/cpp

- VisualizationServicePlugin.h/cpp

- VisualizationServiceSupport.h/cpp


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