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Sending LargeData from Prototyper?

I'm trying to have the Prototyper Lua utility from v5.3.0 publish a large status & image-data containing message(~2MB) once every 10s for debugging purposes but only see the fields other than the image-data being populated in DDS Spy.

I've followed some guides regarding large data handling(asynchronous publishing, etc.) and can see the image-data field populated under ~65KB however when above that the field shows blank despite the rest of the message being popluated.

Is LargeData supported in the 5.3.0 Prototyper?  If so any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks!

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Defining types in XML for Prototyper

I was wondering if it's possible to have my types defined in a separate XML file and then refer to them when registering my types/topics in the USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml file?

Is there a way to specify that one XML file needs to "include" another?

The reason for doing this is that I have a lot of large/complex types already defined in XML (actually they're in IDL but I converted them to XML using rtiddsgen), and I don't really want to have to cut/paste them into the XML file that I provide to the rtiddsprototyper.


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Create topic and type with same name in RTI Prototyper

RE: XML-Based Application Creation Getting Started Guide (Ver 5.0) page 30:

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