Sending LargeData from Prototyper?

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Sending LargeData from Prototyper?

I'm trying to have the Prototyper Lua utility from v5.3.0 publish a large status & image-data containing message(~2MB) once every 10s for debugging purposes but only see the fields other than the image-data being populated in DDS Spy.

I've followed some guides regarding large data handling(asynchronous publishing, etc.) and can see the image-data field populated under ~65KB however when above that the field shows blank despite the rest of the message being popluated.

Is LargeData supported in the 5.3.0 Prototyper?  If so any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks!

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Well, on the network, Connext DDS passes data that needs to be sent with multiple UDP packets, aka Large Data, in RTPS DATA_FRAG packets, which is different than data that can be sent in a single UDP packet as RTPS DATA packets.  Using Wireshark, it can tell you if it sees DATA_FRAGs or only DATA.

If you're actually receiving data in rtiddsspy, every time your app sends data...even for "Large" data, then at least Prototype is doing something when you call write(). 

Unfortunately, 5.3.0 Prototype is quite a few years old.  If your project has a support contract with RTI, I suggest going through the official support channels.