tNet0 task has been terminated after [REDAWorker_leaveExclusiveArea ()]

Platform : mpc8548 (p2020 smp), vxWorks

RTI-Connext ver : 5.2.0


When I reboot  my system, a ppc machine has been crashed sometimes.(not always, most times it worked after reboot)

It has been unable to analyze because network connection also stopped.  So I just rebooted the system.

This time with H/W part support,  I finally got serial i/o and saw some errors (edrShow result) below.

This says "RTP < bin/WEPSIF_TPD.vxe (0x13bbd670)" is crashed


Secure Transport on VxWorks


I have the stringent necessity for a secure transport, authorization and authentication on VxWorks-based systems I'm currently working on. The RTI Secure WAN Transport plugin would meet my requirements perfectly, but according to it's release note it is not available for VxWorks. Are there any other encryption solutions for DDS on VxWorks or is it possible to still use the Secure WAN Transport plugin somehow? 

Any help is highly appreciated,



Cannot Create DomainParticipant on VxWorks Simulator Target

I am attempting to create a Connext 5.1.0 application for vxWorks 6.9 on a vxsim (vxWorks simulator) target. The simulator runs on a win7 host with the RTI pentiumVx6.9gcc4.3.3 target libraries. I created a HelloWorld app per the Getting Started Embedded Systems Addendum.

On subscriber (or publisher) startup, the following message is displayed after calling DDSDomainParticipantFactory::get_instance():

RTIOsapi_getFirstValidInterface:OS ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF)() failure, error 0X6: S_errno_ENXIO


DDS on VxWorks


One of our customers is planning to use DDS over VxWorks (havn't decied yet if (a)6.8/6.9 (b)653 (c) MILS.

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