DDS on VxWorks

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DDS on VxWorks


One of our customers is planning to use DDS over VxWorks (havn't decied yet if (a)6.8/6.9 (b)653 (c) MILS.

I would appreciate assistance in answering a few questions based on the following scenario:
      * We have a cyclic process that activates legacy SW logic components (called Activities) one after the other.
      * Activity_1 logic can publish a Topic_1
      * Activity_2 can subscribe to Topic_1 that Activity_1 had published
      * and etc....
      * The activities can be on the same task.


  • If the activities are on the same process, even on same thread and the network stack is not working between them, will it be possible to use UDP?
  • If both the publisher and the subscriber are on the same task, will it possible for a subscriber to subscribe to a topic that is published by another activity in the same task ?
  • In order to enable different activities on the same task to communicate with each other, should we use SHMEM ? 

Thank you very much :)

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Hello Raz,

Question for you... Why would you try to use DDS in this fashion on a VxWorks system.  Why not create variables that you just pass from one activity to another, especially since they are in the same task.  Is the intent that these activities could get moved into a distributed environment in the future?