A content-aware bridging service for publish/subscribe environments

Abstract: The OMG DDS (Data Distribution Service) standard specifies a middleware for distributing real-time data using a publish-subscribe data-centric approach. Until now, DDS systems have been restricted to a single and isolated DDS domain, normally deployed within a single multicast-enabled LAN. As systems grow larger, the need to interconnect different DDS domains arises. In this paper, we consider the problem of communicating disjoint data-spaces that may use different schemas to refer to similar information.

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Bloom Filter Based Discovery Protocol for DDS Middleware

Abstract: The Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware has recently been standardized by the OMG. Prior to data communication, a discovery protocol had to locate and obtain remote DDS entities and their attributes. Specifically, DDS discovery matches the DataWriters (DWs) and DataReaders (DRs) entities (Endpoints) situated in different network nodes. DDS specification does not specify how this discovery is translated “into the wire”.

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The Wireless and Multimedia Networking Lab researches both the DDS technology as well as the use of DDS for demanding real-time applications. We have serveral research areas, including:

  • Use of DDS for multimedia applications, specifically audio and video distribution on disadvantaged links.
  • Scalable discovery protocols for DDS.
  • Deployment and configuration of DDS applications.
  • Integration of DDS with other networking technologies.

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