dynamic buffer being sent at max size

I have a byte buffer in my topic defined to be to a max size of 400k.

i sent the topic at 5hz using a fully filled data buffer and observed the network bandwidth.

I then tried filling this buffer with only 300k of data, however the network monitoring tools showed the same network bandwidth utlilization.

this article:



large data at high rate


I am trying to send 440k at 22Hz.

the QOS profile set at the publisher is:

{reliability = false, deadline = 0, priority = 0, history = 1, durability = VOLATILE, hasKey = false}

So really this is just a bestEffort-Volatile writer.

Reader is set up same.

It's a pretty busy network.  My reader displays the topics/sec as a user feedback mechanism.  And although it often sustains 20-22Hz, it can dip as low at 4-6, and will frequently stay at 16Hz for periods of time.

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