dynamic buffer being sent at max size

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dynamic buffer being sent at max size

I have a byte buffer in my topic defined to be to a max size of 400k.

i sent the topic at 5hz using a fully filled data buffer and observed the network bandwidth.

I then tried filling this buffer with only 300k of data, however the network monitoring tools showed the same network bandwidth utlilization.

this article:


claims that "DDS sequences support this variable-length data. RTI Connext DDS will allocate the full maximum size of one or more VideoStream structures up front (allocating a number up to the size of the queue, which is controlled by QoS described below). However, if a particular frame is smaller than the maximum, only the data in that frame is sent over the network. This combination of preallocating the data to a maximum size and sending only the actual data size leads to low-latency performance while conserving bandwidth."

is there some special QOS or setting to enable this mode?