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publishing moderately large (34KB) data from VxWorks DKM

We have a system consisting of a C based RTI DDS program running as a VxWorks 6.7 DKM which subscribes to and receives up to 2MB data packets and, in turn, generates approximately 34KB of data and publishes it back to the original data source.  For our current testing, the original data source comes from a Windows RTI DDS application (Java based running in Eclipse) while the target system is running on a Power PC target board.  They are connected via a 10/100 switch.

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Sending reliable data takes much time in Java

Hi, I'm testing Connext DDS java version on Windows XP.

I calculated RTT(round trip time) of reliable message and founded that on initial RTT takes 1~2 sec (average takes 2 ms ) during 9 sec. 

Reliability QoS is set as reliable for the DataWriters & DataReaders, and also set the asynchronous publish mode with default flow controller.

Sender sends 1600bytes sized reliable data every 50ms and 8000bytes sized unreliable data every 10ms.

I guessed that data sending parts take much time at some interval.(See the attached file.)

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Asynchronous and Synchronous



I have a question regarding QoS default value inconsistency.

Why the default value of the Asynchronous Publisher is "Asynchronous" where the default value of the Publish Mode is "Synchronous"?

Which QoS policy has higher priority than the other one?



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