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Sequences in IDL

Given the following example of a typedef sequence in IDL:  (this is not actual IDL, just an example)

module data {

typedef sequence <MyData, 10> MyDataSequence;

struct MyStruct {

MyDataSequence  field;



module message {

valuetype ThisMessage {

public MyDataSequence data;



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Sequences size


I have some nested sequences in my idl file for which I know the limit only at runtime, it can be any value between 1 (or zero for optionals) and 1000. I generated the code using the rtiddsgen with option "unbounded support" for c#.

I searched already for solutions like using "loan".

I atacked an example of the idl file, but in my real use case are more sequences. 

The problem here is that my topic is not published... and I don't see any error or exception...

Any idea about what I am doing wrong? 


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Copy of samples from sequence in Java API

This question has to do with general programming and concurrency, but since the Java API is an exception

from the other languages in the RTI API, it is a valid question for this  forum I think. According to a post (, the Java API does not support deep copy of objects from

sequences. For example the C++ API support copy of object without using Loanable sequences.

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Sequence - SIGABRT invalid pointer (C++)


I'm struggling with an embedded sequence within a struct. When I try to send it, the application terminates with a SIGABRT.

Given the following IDL:

const long MAX_STRING_LENGTH = 256;

enum StudentStatus{

struct Student{
string<MAX_STRING_LENGTH> name;
string<MAX_STRING_LENGTH> familyname;
StudentStatus status;

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