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how to set data writer transport use to shared memory only programtically


In my application, I need to set a particular datawriter to use shared memory only. We do not want to use an XML file since we don't want to give our users any chance to change this.

I have tried the follwoing code but I keep getting an error that that '=' is not defined for the opeations or something simliar.  The docs are not clear on this(The docs emphasize over and over to use XML files.  Why?)  We are using RTI DDS 5.3.1 on RHEL 7.5 on a x64 machine.

This is the code:

DDS_DataWriterQos datawriter_qos;

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How to avoid marshaling when using shared memory


I'm using Connext DDS and evaluating its trasnport time in different QoS cases for robotics development.

In my evaluation, transport by shared memory is "a littele" faster than transport by local loop back. It was not as fast as I thought at first. Generally, shared memory communication does not require serialization / deserialization, so I expected that it is much faster than the other. 

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Failure in creating domain participant



My application has many processes, currently all of them are running in a single machine. Each one creates a domain participant using default QOS:


participant = DDSDomainParticipantFactory::get_instance()->


                        1,                              /* Domain ID */

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