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RTIDDSGEN build fails inside of Docker container


I experience problem compiling C++ code, which seems to be specific to my case.

The build is happening inside of Docker dev container.

Container compiler: gcc version 10.2.1 20210110 (Debian 10.2.1-6).

RTI Connext version 6.1.1 Professional.

The problem started happening recently after I upgrade Linux kernel to 6.1.0-3-amd64 (Debian, Bullseye).

The dev container is run inside of VSCode. The output that appears unusual from what I typically see:

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Communication between docker and host


We're currently trying to have a setup where applications on the host are publishing/subscribing to their counterparts running inside the docker container.

Lets take a very simple request/reply example copied from

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library linking failing in Docker image application demo

I am attempting to follow the example here but I keep getting a fail on the second docker command,

docker run -it --rm -v `pwd`:/app -w="/app" dds-build \
    make -f makefile_Values_x64Linux3gcc5.4.

The error I get is a missing library,


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RTI Routing only works on specific domain id and port


I am trying to use the RTI Routing for to route the Shapes demo between two separate Linux computers. Each Linux computer is running one instance of RTI Routing and one instance of Shapes demo. Each routing instance is also executed inside a Docker container. I have published the port using the parameter --publish 7400:7400 in the Docker run command. I am usinga slightly modified version of the example tcp_transport.xml, the one for WAN.

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can't get routing service to work with own app but only with ShapeDemo

I have problem using routingservice to get applications talk to each other

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DDS communication across docker containers/machines


We have a computationally intensive process running on a server that is publishing DDS data and I have an application running in a container on my local machine that is listening on the same domain with the NDDS_DISCOVERY_PEERS variable set to the server IP address

However, there's no communication between them.

Settings on server,

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