RTI Routing Service

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RTI Routing Service: JMS Adapter

How difficult would it be to write a JMS adapter for the RTI Routing service which can subscribe to arbitrarily complex types (beyond simple shapes with integer and string fields)?


Our application needs to interface with an ActiveMQ broker (JMS provider). However, our primary messaging middleware is RTI Connext DDS. Our application is one of many interfacing with this broker, so we cannot simply swap out ActiveMQ without forcing those other applications to modify their applications.

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can't get routing service to work with own app but only with ShapeDemo

I have problem using routingservice to get applications talk to each other

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Changing RTI Routing Service Presentation QOS [Solved]

Hi all,

I have a Routing Service set up to relay data received on domain 1 (asymmetric TCP) to domain 0 (shmem) and a remote application that pumps data into domain 1 so that a client application of mine can consume it in domain 0.

However, when I start up the system, the RTI admin console presents me with the following problem:

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