Communication between docker and host

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Communication between docker and host


We're currently trying to have a setup where applications on the host are publishing/subscribing to their counterparts running inside the docker container.

Lets take a very simple request/reply example copied from

When we run the requester and replier both inside docker or both inside host, things work as expected, as in requester and replier discover each other and send data.

However, when we place the requester in docker and keep the replier on host (or visa-versa), connection between these 2 applications becomes very "unstable", as in sometimes they manage to discover each other, sometimes not.
And sometimes in the middle of execution, data stops arriving to the replier.

We're using RTI COnnext 6.0.1, and we have executed the docker with --network=host and --ipc=host settings.

Is there a special QoS config that we should consider for the docker and host to communicate more seamlessly?


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