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Inconsistent pub/sub matching at different participants

I'm running NDDS 4.0i under Red Hawk on a Blade. I have two applications that are supposed to talk to each other via a simple one-topic protocol. My problem is that the applications may be very slow (tens of seconds) to recognize a publication_match or subscription_match. I may have one application that has matched both pub/sub and the other neither or only one of them.

Any ideas?

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Warnings displayed when trying to create UDP socket

Hi all,

Sometimes I visualize this message warning(s) in my DDS application:

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Failure in creating domain participant



My application has many processes, currently all of them are running in a single machine. Each one creates a domain participant using default QOS:


participant = DDSDomainParticipantFactory::get_instance()->


                        1,                              /* Domain ID */

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