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DDS Target Library for VS2015


First of all, I am sorry if this question was asked before. I am using the RTI Connext Launcher version 5.2.0 and I am looking for x64VS2015.rtipkg file in order to use the target library for Visiual Studio 2015 but I could not find the library for 5.2.0 version. Can you please provide a link or file for me to use VS2015 in 5.2.0 version? 

Thank you very much in advance.


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Using RTI DDS 4.2e with Visual Studio 2015

I am attempting to use RTI DDS 4.2e using Visual Studio 2015 as a development environment.

I have encountered the problem described in the following: https://community.rti.com/kb/can-i-use-visual-studio-express-build-rti-connext-applications Part 4: ‘_TP_CALLBACK_ENVIRON::::’

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