RTI DDS can not visulize data

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RTI DDS can not visulize data

Dear everyone,


Recently, our DDS RTI cannot visualize data. The relevant topics are shown in the panel but there is no data. I'd like to consult that do you know what is happening ? is there any configuration that I need to make ?


The screenshot is shown below:


Thank you very much for your support and advice


look forward to your response




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First, I would try unsubscribing to the data in Admin Console and then restart Admin Console and resubscribing to the data.  It's possible that if the datatype changed, it's using an old version of the datatype which may not be compatible with the new version.

If that doesn't work, then try to subscribe to the data and visualize it on the same machine running Admin Console.  You can use "rtiddsspy -topic <xxx> -print" in a shell running on the same machine.