Strange Error in UDP_InterfaceFactoryProperty_finalize

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Strange Error in UDP_InterfaceFactoryProperty_finalize


I have an issue when "cleaning" all DDS entities. It is not happening every time, but i have a failure in freeing this structure

Sometimes it is happening in if (!REDA_StringSeq_finalize(&p->deny_interface)) sometimes in  if (!UDP_NatEntrySeq_finalize(&p->nat))

What is strange is that the pointer to the memory is valid.

Here an example (attached image).

Moreover, i can see in rti me 2.2.3

#ifndef RTI_CERT



What is this define RTI_CERT ?




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Hi Rodolf,

I'll answer the RTI_CERT question, and leave the error issue to the Micro team.

RTI_CERT is the DO-178C Level A certifiable version of Micro ("Micro Cert".  Level A cert is the most stringent, and is the level required by systems where the loss of a subsystem will result in the loss of the aircraft/loss of life.  Certification entails 3d party inspection of every line of code). 

The Cert version is for use by customers who plan on using Micro in a flight avionics or other Safety Critical certified environment.  The Cert evidence is available for purchase, and will be available at the end of the year.

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Thanks for the explanation. In my case, micro rti will be used in a critical environment, so i will inform about this "new release".

Concerning my free error, i see that the value just before clean are not correct (see new attachment).
In fact, it seems that the structure is partially cleaned somewhere else.
Moreover, the pointers have changed of value between init and finalize.
Searching in code, i do not find where this can happen.

Does RTI members have a clue what could happen ?



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