what is the implementation of GDS

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what is the implementation of GDS
Since NDDS is subjected to the specification of OMG's DDS. Then, I wonder the implementation of GDS(Global Data Space) in RTI's product. Is GDS consists of Topics and subscriber's info and others? What is the detail?
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Hello Leo,

There are lots of articles you can read about OMG DDS and RTI's implementation of the spec. I would start with "An Introduction to DDS and Data-Centric Communications", which describes the main concepts of the OMG DDS specification and how DDS can help developers design distributed applications. Another interesting article is "OMG Data-Distribution Service: Architectural Overview", which describes the main aspects of the model, QoS settings, and gives examples of the communication scenarios it supports.

Finally, if you want to learn all the details about RTI's implementation of the standard, you can take a look the RTI Connext DDS Core Libraries and Utilities User's Manual.

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What was called the Global Data Space is now referred to as the cloud.

DDS data is part of the cloud, and so it is in the global data space.  It is presented as Typed instances and samples on a Topic.  Additionally, DDS in the global data space also includes metadata about the readers and writers on the Topic, as well as meta-data about the instances and samples themselves. 

Also, the data and the metadata are two distinct things in the data space, in other representations (for example databases or XML, etc), metadata is generally only provided if it is directly part of the data schema.