Help with data types :-(

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Help with data types :-(

Hello, I'd really appreciate any help with this:

How can I create a vector of elements of data types?

I mean, each data type is of different kind, for example, if I've defined 3 data types (structs) within the IDL file, let's name them as "Flight", "Track" and "Foo".

I'm not able to find a supertype for the data types.


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Hi Roderick,

I'm not sure I'm understanding you. What I understood is that you have defined 3 different data types and you want to create a new type containing all three of them. Am I right? If that's what you need, you can just create a struct containing one of each types. Would that work for you?

If what you need is a type that can be any of those three types, you can create a union in your IDL. Something like:

union SuperUnionType switch (long) {

    case 0: Flight myFlightMember;

    case 1: Track myTrackMember;

    case 2: Foo myFooMember[3];


Let me know if any of these ideas help you.