Error on call create_contentfilteredtopic

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Error on call create_contentfilteredtopic


I'm trying to create a contentfilteredtopic in my application like this:

filterBy = "Originator <> 'System1'";

DDS.ContentFilteredTopic filteredTopic =participant.create_contentfilteredtopic(topicName,topic,filterBy,new DDS.StringSeq());

But an error occur in my console:

[D0602 | CREATE CFTopic|T=MyTopic IDDS_TypeCode_dereference_member_name:member starting with [iginator <> 'System1'] not found.

Is it because the member name start with "Or" and when the create_contentfilteredtopic compile the filter he remove the beginning of the membre name?

Do we have a workaround or i missed something?

Also i try with an other member name and all is fine but i need to filter on the originator not the others members...





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Hi there,

It looks like our parser is seeing the "Or" in Originator and using it as the OR operator. I reported this and there doesn't appear to be a workaround. I suggest that you use a different character in front of originator. I apologize for the inconvenience. For future reference, please save the reference number CORE-6482.