Implementing auxiliary tools using Dynamic Data

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Implementing auxiliary tools using Dynamic Data


Recently we've been writing applications based on dynamic topic discovery and creation of DataReaders/DataWriters working with Dynamic Data interface to implement tools similar to RTI Router and RTI Recorder.

I've been wondering if there are existing solutions such as those written in Java?

Have anyone had any experience with developing applications that listen on built-in "DCPSPublisher" and create DataReaders/DataWriters that use DynamicData with the TypeCode received from those topics?

I'm particularly interested in performance optimizations and good solutions for serializing/deserializing dynamic data objects



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Hi Michael,

See this blog post.  The described system is based on Java.  

The Serialization/Deserialization of the data (conversion from DynamicData into a POJO derived from IDL was something I'd done several years ago, but then lost the implementation in a system crash.  It used rtiddsgen to generate to/from DynamicData methods based on the IDL (the code was added to the templates and was generated as part of the file).

The point here is that this is absolutely do-able. 

If you'd like RTI to productise the work I've done, you can consider contacting your RTI account manager and start the discussion :)