What about the Benchmark Platform ?

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What about the Benchmark Platform ?

Hi RTI users and developers !

I had developed an application based on RTI-DDS in a windows platform (VS2010/C++). I want to evalute the performances of my application using a common platform. I would like to understant how to use the Benchmark Platform provided by RTI-DDS. How to use it ? install it ? which requirements (soft/hard) ?    any help ?

Thank you !


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Hi azammeli,


We have a performance test available on a solution in our Public Knowledge Base. 


> Go to https://support.rti.com

> click on Public Knowledge Base on the left side

> Click on Performance category

> You will see the first solution Titled "Example Performance Test for RTI Data Distribution Service".


That solution has a example that you can build for the architecture that you are using. 


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Here is a direct link to rtiperftest.1.1b, http://community.rti.com/index.php?q=filedepot_download/1650/5.