Black dialog of doom

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Black dialog of doom

When RTI DDS gets upset (Windows) it seems to stick up a black dialog with error information.

I've reworked an app to use minimum number of domain participants (the subject of another post) which seem to be working except when I close the app it throws a black-dialog-of-doom just long enough to flash but not see what it's saying. 

Does the same information get logged anywhere?
I'm not sure this dialog is ever appropriate for user-apps - is there anyway to disable this? 
In other circumstances I've had the black-dialog-of-doom appear but containing no information - are there additional levels of logging/debugging that could be enabled for this to become useful?
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The error output goes to a black dialog console window by default. But you can re-direct the output to go somewhere else, for example, a file. This is done using the NDDSConfigLogger object. 

If you call NDDSConfigLogger::set_output_file to configure an output file the messages will stop going to the console.