MultiChannel Dws send data over one channel (One multicast adress)

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MultiChannel Dws send data over one channel (One multicast adress)

Hello RTI users,

I implemented an application sending data over a multichannel datawriter. I set a filter that match each set of data with a channel. each channel is characterized by a multicast adress and a receive port. I set also a set of content filtred topics in the reader side. I were surprised by seeing that the DW sends the data over one adress!

I wonder if there are any complementary configurations to add?

Thank you for your help.

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Hello Amira,

I am not sure I understood the question.  Normally you set multi-channel QoS on the DDS DataWriter and configure each channel with both a multicas address/port a content-filter that selects which data samples will be propagated via that channel. On the DataReader side you use a regular ContentFilteredTopic to specify the subset of the samples for the Topic that are of interest to the DataReader; this content filter causes  RTI Connext DDS to automatically joim the multicast adresses/ports of the overlapping channels.  

Each time the DataWriter writes RTI Connext DDS will automatically dispatch the written sample over one or more of the channels (depending on wether it matches multiple channel filters).  Under typical configurations only one channel will match each sample so the sample will be written to a single multicast destination/port.  

This is where I do not understand your question. I would expect that the DataWriter will indeed send each sample over one address. Is this not what you are seeing? Can you be more specific about what you see and how it does not match your expectation. Do you mean that all samples go over the same address?