support for OMGs Java 5 PSM

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support for OMGs Java 5 PSM

I'm trying to find out what the status of OMGs Java 5 PSM support is - I don't see any in the evaluation version of rti_connext_dds-5.2.3.

Any insights appreciated as I have to use that API in order to not break my build on machines which don't have RTI Connext.


-- Peter

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Hello Peter,

We do not currently support the Java 5 PSM. We support the Java API derived from the IDL defined in the DDS specification. The functionality is the same but the API is significantly different as I am sure you have noticed.

To get details on our planned roadmap and support you should contact our field or marketing group directly.  Thay way they can provide more details that than on the forum.

I would start by sending an email to or