Python on Windows

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Python on Windows

I'm trying to get python scripting workin on a windows host. When opening my connector, I'm getting this:

REDAFastBufferPool_growEmptyPoolEA: !allocate buffer of 4294934656 bytes
[D0057|Pub(80000008)|T=hardwareInfo.soupVersions.icmb4|CREATE Writer] REDAFastBufferPool_newWithNotification:!create fast buffer pool buffers
[D0057|Pub(80000008)|T=hardwareInfo.soupVersions.icmb4|CREATE Writer] PRESTypePluginDefaultEndpointData_createWriterPool:!create writer buffer pool
[D0057|Pub(80000008)|T=hardwareInfo.soupVersions.icmb4|CREATE Writer] DDS_DynamicData2TypePlugin_on_endpoint_attached:ERROR: Failed to create writer pool
[D0057|Pub(80000008)|T=hardwareInfo.soupVersions.icmb4|CREATE Writer] PRESPsService_enableLocalEndpointWithCursor:failed to attach endpoint to typePlugin
[D0057|Pub(80000008)|T=hardwareInfo.soupVersions.icmb4|CREATE Writer] PRESPsService_enableLocalEndpoint:!enable local endpoint
[D0057|Pub(80000008)|T=hardwareInfo.soupVersions.icmb4|CREATE Writer] DDS_Publisher_create_datawriter:ERROR: Failed to auto-enable entity

It looks like the scripting is doing okay later on creating the participant, but the failure to create the writer pool seems to probably be blocking any additional progress.

Any pointers to what might be wrong here? This is a somewhat mature system, and we communicate using C# libraries with good success, but have never tried to use the python connector before.


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Hi Mark,

Can you share the definition of the data type you're using for your writer?



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Wondering if my issue on the "rticonnextdds-connector python3 problems" forum topic has  anything in common with marknelson's issue? I attached the QoS.xml that was causing the issue over there.