Publishers and Subscriber Discovery problem

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Publishers and Subscriber Discovery problem

I am stumped trying to get the Publisher and Subscriber to discover each other if my "Network Emulation" network is chosen.

I have two Virtual Machines VM04 (Subscriber) and VM05 (Publisher) and both OpenDDS and RTI installed on both.

One network path (the 172.16.*)   VM04 is and VM05 is has two DSRC deivces performing a wireless communication

Second Network Path is a network emulation layer, where the bandwidth and latency can be configured. In other words, there is software to control the network performance in this layer. 

Here is what works

1. OpenDDS (with DCPSInfoRepo on VM04) works in both environments (adusting /etc/hosts for controlling which IP address (thus network) is used for the two machines the network for discovery and data transmission

2. RTI DDS works on the DRSC path. I rename DSRC-USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml to USER_QOS_PROFIELS.xml and discovery and data exchange occurs

Here is what fails, and I cannot figure out why

RTI DDS, using Network-try2-USER_QOS_PROFILES (renamed) - the discovery never occurs.

I have used these tips and links..


eliminate network connections (such as 10.0.0.* which is how I connect to the virtual machines) - specifically case 2



to disable multicast

and tried to understand d - but not sure how it applies

Any recommendations or changes to my Network-try-2 QOS profile for discovery to occur over this network path will be greatly appreciated.



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I would first think that you have an issue with the 192.168 network. I would suggest that you try with our utility rtiddsping.

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Thanks - alreeady resolved before exploring rtiddsping.

Network Admin adjusted some firewall rules for UDP