Unable to debug in NetBeans once RTI DDS is initialized

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Unable to debug in NetBeans once RTI DDS is initialized

I am using NetBeans 11.1.  RTI Connext DDS Pro 5.3.1


My project is an application with many projects (lots of dependencies). In normal operation, I can use the NetBeans debugger to step through code, evaluate variables and troubleshoot.


Once I have initialized RTI DDS in my project (created a participant), the NetBeans debugger no longer works. Breakpoints are still hit, but NetBeans is almost non-responsive (call stacks not shown, variables are nto evaluated, or take several minutes to evaluate). Do I need to point to a debug version of RTI or modify a configuration in debug?


In my scenario (a training setup), in my app I am creating 6 publishers and 5 subscribers, per remote node. I am isolating my remote nodes by putting each on it's own network subnet. My application is able to communicate via DDS to each remote node on a VLAN NIC, but the remote nodes can't see eachother, only my app. Because of the large number of pubs/subs, I have set

factoryQos.resource_limits.max_objects_per_thread = 65536;

However, the issue is present at lower values such as 4098.


DDS pub / sub is working fine for my scenario, only issue is that I am unable to debug my application.

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First i would use the debug nddsjavad.jar. i have not tried with net beans but no issues with eclipse.