The downside of increasing type_object_max_serialized_length

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The downside of increasing type_object_max_serialized_length

I have a rather large data object to send. The AdminConsole indicates TypeObject = 35938. AS a result, I have increase the value for  type_object_max_serialized_length in the QoS settings.


What is the downside of increasing  type_object_max_serialized_length from it's default 8k value? How much more resources will the RTI library consume? Will it force the library to increase its internul buffers for all topics?

I use RTI connext 6.0.1.

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I'm not certain if Connext will allocate the type_object_max_serialized_length for all topics created by the user, but it might.  But for most systems where you have GB's of RAM, if you create 100 topics, and you increase the size of type objects to 64 KB, only an additional 6 MB or so of RAM would be used.

You can easily see if you can see an impact in application memory used with a simple application that creates 100 topics (you can try creating with the same data type or register the same concrete data type 100 times with different names).

Increasing the size doesn't affect what is sent on the wire, only as much data as required by an actual type object is used during discovery.