VxWorks653 and RTI DDS

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VxWorks653 and RTI DDS


I'm trying to integrate some applications using RTI DDS version 5.0.0 and VxWorks 653, but I'm facing some issues. 

When I use RTI DDS on 2 or more partitions, the network communication "freezes" from time to time. By freezing the network I mean that no packet is transmitted or received by any partition. Even partitions that don't use RTI DDS can't communicate over the network during these periods.  It doesn't happen if I put the RTI DDS in only one partition. It seems there is some "system/network resource" is being locked by someone disturbing all the network.

Does anyone know if I have to make a "special" configuration/setup to use the RTI DDS 5.0.0 library in multiple VxWorks653 partitions?

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Hi Eduardo,

I don't think you'll find lots of help on your topic via this forum since there aren't than many users of Connext DDS on VxWorks 653.  I would suggest that you redirect your question to RTI's support team.  Your project should have one or more developers who have been assigned the task of submitting support questions to RTI via the RTI customer portal (assuming that your project has an active support contract with RTI).  Please work through your fellow team members to ask this question.

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Olá Eduardo,

I'm the Application Engineer covering Embraer, though I don't believe that I've been on a call with you. I didn't note a support case opened, but might have missed it. I'll reach out via email, but wanted to offer my contact information here in case I mis-send the email somehow.

I'm forward to helping you out.




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