Can the Database Integration Service run with an AWS database?

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Can the Database Integration Service run with an AWS database?

Hello, we are interested in connecting our DDS network with a MySQL database, and are considering the Database Integration Service.

We have requested an eval version, and I am reading the documentation.

I see in the text that "the main element of the bridge that must run on the same host as the database management system (DBMS)"

Does this preclude cloud databases?  For example, we sometimes use a MySQL database instantiated on Amazon Web Services cloud platform.  While setting it up, they give you a web address through which you can connect your clients to, and your clients can send SQL commands to create tables, add rows, and query rows in the cloud MySQL database.  It's pretty easy and useful for us, both for development and an option for our deliverables.

Can the Database Integration Service talk to such a cloud database? 

Thank you.


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The Database Integration Service uses ODBC to connect to databases.  So, if you can create an ODBC connection between the host that's running the Database Integration Service with the MySQL instance running in AWS, then it could work.

But if the only interface provided is non-ODBC, and is some web address that you have to make a RESTful or other web-type connection, then no, Database Integration Service would not be able to work that way.

I suggest that you contact your RTI account team (given that the Database Integration Service is a commercial product) if you want to confirm this either way.

If you don't know who your account team is, please send me email at with your company name and location and I can put you in touch.